Partnering With Us

The company is currently seeking strategic alliances in these therapeutic areas with partners who wish to access our experience and insights, as well as access the following core competencies:

Orphan pharmaceutical development
Clinical development
Pre-approval distribution of Orphan drugs through third-party contractors in accordance with governmental regulations
Accelerated registration in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America
Effective and efficient, targeted sales and distribution
Secure and rapid delivery of products
Single source distribution
Pricing and reimbursement strategies to optimize product utilization
Orphan product regulatory maintenance

Through creative strategic alliances, as well as unique relationships with the government, research institutions, physicians, scientists, and manufactures, Rare Disease Therapeutics, Inc., is able to provide options where there are no options—to provide therapies where there are no therapies.

To contact us regarding opportunities, please do so via our Contact form.

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