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F(ab’)2 Antivenoms

Rare Disease Therapeutics, Inc., has entered into a joint development and distribution agreement with Laboratorios Silanes, S.A. de C.V., a large , well established Mexican biotechnology company, to develop a series of much needed, high quality antivenoms for the United States.

ANAWIDOW™, Latrodectus immune F(ab’)2 antivenom is used to treat black widow spider envenomations. The genus Latrodectus is found worldwide with several species indigenous to the United States, including those commonly referred to as the black widow spiders.

Black widow spider venom contains several toxic components; the most significant in human envenomation is a potent neurotoxin, alpha-latrotoxin. A black widow spider envenomation can be a life threatening event especially in a young child.

The black widow spider envenomation results in a syndrome that commonly presents with pain at the bite site but with mostly unremarkable local skin findings. However, within 30 to 60 minutes after the envenomation, the neuromuscular symptoms present as involuntary spasm and rigidity progressing proximally from the envenomation site to large muscle groups of the limbs and abdomen. Other clinical symptoms may include fasciculation, hyperactive reflexes, weakness, ptosis, priapism, vomiting, fever, salivation, perspiration, and bronchorrhea, hypertension, increased cerebrospinal fluid pressure and tachycardia early in the course changing to bradycardia late. In addition to the severe muscle pain, patients have described severe headache, anxiety and fatigue.

More information about Laboratorios Silanes and the treatment of envenomation by poisonous animals can be found at silanes.com.mx.

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